'THE LEGEND' (2012) Teva. Film by Christian Lara.

'PAULETTE' (2012) waiter Kun - Comedy by Jérôme Enrico.


'SUMMER IN PROVENCE' (2012) Andy. Comedy by Christian Lara.


"A VOTRE BON COEUR MESDAMES" (2012) Fu Manchu - Film by Jean-Pierre Mocky.


'AU PARADIS DES HOMMES' (2012) Kiang. Thriller by Cédric Malzieu.


'MAELLE' (2012) Policeman. Film by Bibi Nacéri & Sébastien Kong.


'L'AGE DE RAISON' (2010) Business négociator with Sophie Marceau. Comedy by Yann Samuell.






'BLOOD DEBTS' (2015) Matteo (leading role) - Film written and directed by Christopher Tram.

'WHEN THE HERON FLIES' (2015) North Korean sergeant - Film by Lionel Laget.


'ENTRE CHIEN ET LOUP' (2014) Tim (leading role) - Film by Christopher Tram and Caroline Chu.


'THE DRAGON & THE PHOENIX' (2012) Zhang Damin (main part) - Film by Caroline Chu.


'THE LONELY BOAT' (2012) Erwan (main part). Comedy by Christopher Tram & Simon Fauquet.


'EROS & THANATOS' (2010) Lee (main part). Thriller by Guillaume Tauveron


"DIRTY MAURICE" (2010) Owner of a grocery. Film by Quarxx


"THE TALENTED MR RIPLEY" (2009) Tom Ripley (psychopath, main part). Thriller by Arnaud Thorel


'TOUT IRA BIEN' (Everything Will Be Fine, 2009) Corrupt sergeant. Anticipation film by Arnaud Thorel.


'ENTRE DEUX RIVES' (2008) Comedy by Claire Hoang. In this social drama, the main characters are two Chinese immigrants, Ziang (me) and Xiaoli. These two persons meet in Paris and are torn apart between two worlds, France and China.


'BUSHIDO BOOGIE' (2007) trash movie directed by Quarxx. I play the role of a sexually obsessed and cranky delivery man (with a blue cap). Trailer of Bushido Boogie.




SHORT FILMS directed by Christopher Tram.


'BLOOD DEBTS' (2015) Matteo (leading role) - Film written and directed by Christopher Tram.

'ENTRE CHIEN ET LOUP' (2014) Film directed by Christopher Tram & Caroline Chu.


'THE LONELY BOAT' (2012) Erwan (main part). Comedy directed by Christopher Tram.


'LE CONFIDENT' (2012) - Film written and directed by C.Tram.


'TRAFICS' (2012) Episod 1 "L'affaire Chang" Big brother Chang. Serie FR2 by Olivier Barma.

'FAMILLE D'ACCUEIL' (2011) Episod 'Ying & Yang' Lawyer Wang. Serie FR3 by Alain Wermus.


'MATERIAL QUEEN' 「拜金女王」(2010) 熊黛林 Xiong Dai Lin's driver. Taiwanese serie by Weiling Chen.

'LES BLEUS' (2009) Episod 3 'Dangerous Games' of 2nd season (M6), police serie directed by Didier Lepêcheur. I star as Xiao Long, a stolen cars smuggler in several scenes, one of which is about a violent altercation with chief of police Clémentine Célarié.



I play the main part of Japanese architect Akira Ojima in the documentary-fiction entitled CLASSIFIED CASES II : THE ASSASSINATION OF AKIRA OJIMA based on real facts. This TV movie is directed by Luc David and produced by France 3. I used special make-up to make myself look older so as to embody the fifty-year old character.


'SECURITE INTERIEURE' (2007) Episod 2 'Immunité diplomatique', Season 1 of the police serie Canal+, directed by Patrick Grandperret. I play the role of an official involved in a sticky business.


'TURBULENCES' (2006) Episod 2 'Smoking' (Canal+) Serie with suspense directed by Nicolas Hourès. I play the role of a restaurant owner at the airport.


'BANDE DEHOUF' (2006). Humoristic serie (France 2) directed by Fred Scotlande and Pascal Bourdieux. This serie replaces "Un gars, une fille". I play the role of a Vietcong and a weapon smuggler as well in several episodes. You can see my scene "1,2,3, Soleil" in VIETNAM here :


'L'ETAT DE GRACE' (2006) Episode 6 'Comabattre', season 1 of the serie (France 2) directed by Pascal Chaumeil. I star as a Chinese reporter.








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